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About Dave Courtney

The Most Feared Man in Britain

Dave Courtney is an ex London gangster. He is well known for his friendship with other well known hard men such as the Krays, Roy Shaw and Lenny McLean. In his time, Dave has been shot, stabbed, had his nose bitten off (they sewed it back on) and has had to kill to stay alive himself. Dave Courtney has been involved in debt collecting, minding clubs, assault, contraband and murder, to name but a few things. Courtney was previously better known as “the yellow pages of the Underworld” and is sometimes referred to in the press as “the most feared man in Britain”.

Dave Courtney lives in his Castle in London, England and today is a best selling author, having had four number one best sellers: “The Ride’s Back On” (his latest), “Stop The Ride I Want to Get Off”, “Raving Lunacy” and “Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book”. All available from major book stores or via this website. Dave’s book signings around the country are always a huge hit. “Stop the Ride” and “The Ride’s Back On” are the most stolen books in the UK!

Dave Courtney in the Media

Dave has also produced, directed and starred in his own film “Hell To Pay”, which received a standing ovation at last years Cannes Film Festival. It was a huge hit and will be ready for release in April 2003 and subsequently available to buy on DVD and VHS. His next film is already being written and planned.

Dave now does a lot of work for good causes. He is the patron of Misunderstood, a children’s ADHD charity in Rochester, Kent, he does work with the Prince’s Trust and has helped raise funds for several other children’s charities around the country.

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